Trekking in Bali

Trekking in Bali – Trekking is one of the best outdoors activities that you can do during your vacation in Bali. There are various trekking activities might suitable with your fitness level, the most recommended trekking in Bali is Mount Batur trekking and Mount agung Trekking. Beside of that, you can experience the easier sunrise trekking in Bali, it is Batur caldera sunrise trekking. If you looking jungle trekking there are available Mount Abang jungle trekking, Sekumpu waterfall trekking, Sambangan waterfall trekking, Aling Aling waterfall trekking and Tablingan twin lake jungle trekking. Here bellow the detail trekking in Bali you can do!

Trekking in Bali

  • Mount Batur Trekking – Mount Batur is one of the most famous volcanoes in Bali especially for sunrise trekking. This is the only one volcano in the Island still active till this time, the views from the summit truly remarkable. The hike from starting point until to the top takes about 2 hours include breaks during on the way to the top, the decent take approximate 2 hours include surrounding the main crater, on the bottom of man crater able to feed monkey. Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour will end around 8.30 t0 9.30 am, its depending speed of every climbers.

  • Mount Agung Trekking – Mount Agung is one of the biggest volcanoes in Bali, it towering 3.142 meter above sea level. Mount Agung trekking is the harder and the challenging trekking in Bali, this trekking suitable only for experiences hikers and have good physically fitness level. The trek takes 12 hours via Besakih temple up and down and 8 hours via Pasar Agung temple. The best view you may see is from Besakih temple as it the only one way up to the actual summit.

  • Batur caldera trekking – This is the short one trekking in Bali you can do if you don’t have enough fitness levet. This sunrise trek take only 1 hours from starting point until the top, the trail up to the summit very easy. The views from the top absolutely awesome, you can see double view from here, In the ast could see ocean, Gilli’s Island and sunrise behind of Mount Rinjani of Lombok. During on the way down you will use traditional boat to crossing the lake till car park, this trek suitable for every fitness level.

  • Mount Abang Jungle trekking – This is jungle trekking you can do in Kintamani, the trek through dense of old tropical forest. In the middle of the mountain you will pass holy temple, usually your gide will break here for pry. This is the best trekking in Bali for Jungle trekking you can do in Kintamani area.

  • Sekumpul waterfall trekking – If yu want do jungle trekking and include seeing rice field, waterfall, Balinese plantation and local society, Sekumpul waterfall trekking is the answer. Firs you will walk down on the green rice terrace with rice field, then through jungle and Balinese plantation and also local society who worth in their farm. At the end you will go the best waterfall in Bali, if sekumpul waterfall. This trek takes 4 hours in total, suitable for nature lover.

  • Sambangan waterfall trekking – This is another trekking in Bali you can do between jungle trekking and waterfall, the trek will explore beautiful of sambangan village and waterfalls all around sambangan. There available 7 beautiful waterfall you can soak, sliding and jumping.

  • Tambingan jungle trekking – This is the last jungle trekking in Bali you can do beside mount abang jungle trekking, sekumpul waterfall jungle trekking and sambangan waterfall trekking. This is the long and the dense jungle you can explore in Bali. Tamblingan jungle trekking have 3 different trips, one short trip, medium trip and long trip, the sort take 3 hours, medium 4 hours and long trip 5 hours. In the end of your trek will use traditional canoes to crossing Lake tamblingan. This is the recommended one jungle trekking if you like to explore the dense tropical forest of Bali.

That all about Trekking in Bali you can do while your vacation, as Bali tourism Island, trekking is  one of the best outdoors activities that you can do during your vacation in Bali. I hope by this article every one can get benefit from this article.