Mount Batur Trekking Price

There is thousand visitor looking for the right price of Mount Batur but they can’t find the actual rate of it. Her I from Bali Trekking Tout Net Management proudly to share the right Mount Batur Trekking Price that may be useful to all of you. Mount Batur Trekking Price is depend of the company or agencies, groups tour, private tour, sharing tours and the starting point of hike. Here bellow we are explain all about that:

Mount batur trekking price bali indonesia

Sunrse from summit of mount Batur ( Trek via Toya Bungkah)

A. Company or Agencies

There hundreds of company or agencies organize Mount Batur trekking or mount Batur Sunrise trekking tours but each of companies of agencies has own rate, here I explain 5 top companies/agencies arrange Mount Batur Trekking Base on The rate:

Mount batur trekking price

This picture took from the summit of Mount Batur trek via Toya Bungkah (

Bali Trekking Tour Net. This company is we’re, we are offered tour Mount Batur trekking/Mount Batur sunrise trekking/person minimal 2 person by 55 USD/person. the point plus of us are: We are only offer private tour, our team only local guide and did mount Batur over 2000 times. We guaranteed best services and payment in the end of your tour.

Bali Trekking, this company offered tour Mount Batur Sunrise trekking by 65 USD/person, the point plus of this company is Private tour and has experienced trekking guide.

Bali Hiking, this company offered tour Mount Batur Sunrise trekking by 60 USD/person, the point plus of this company is Private tour and has experienced trekking guide.

Bali Sunrise, this company offered tour Mount Batur Sunrise trekking by 55 USD/person, the point plus of this company is sharing tour and has experienced trekking guide.

Bali Volcano, this company offered tour Mount Batur Sunrise trekking by 60 USD/person, the point plus of this company is Private tour and has experienced trekking guide.

B. Base on Starting point

There two famous starting point to reach the summit of mount Batur but there different distance and price offered, one via Jati temple ( Pura Jati) and the other one via Toya Bungkah. Here I explain the different both starting point regarding Mount Batur trekking price:

Via Jati Temple ( Pura Jati). Most of visitor who start from this starting point rate bellow the 60 USD/person, the reason because most of tour use sharing tour, some time one guide more then 3 guest and one car can be 6 to 8 passengers. Beside that reason is the distance is much close because most of them jsut reach the fist point, just until the rim of main crater, not until the top one. You can reach the top one but you have to be strong because 30 minute last after fist point ( Rim of main crater) you’ll walk on the volcanic sand, that is very difficult and need double energy to reach the really summit.

Mount batur trekking price via pura jati

Mount batur trekking price via pura jati Copyright Suchada Chaiyadej.

Via Toya Bungkah. Most of visitor who start from here is private tour, the rate between 65 to 55 USD/person. The reason why via Toya Bungkah much expensive because of the tour is Private, the company has excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, the trail direct to the summit and the views offered much beautiful and you can experiences how your guide boil your breakfast such as Egg and Bananas in volcanic steam. ( Just put it in the ground, close by grass, waiting 10 minutes, ready to eat). That the main reason why via Toya Bungkah a bit expensive than via Jati temple.\

Mount batur trekking price bali

Mount BAtur sunrise trekking trek via Toya Bungkah

C. Private and Sharing Tour

The other reason make different rate of Mount Batur sunrise trekking or Mount Batur trekking price is private tour and sharing tour, there several companies or agencies offered both kind of tour but Private tour to Mount Batur is much comfortable. Lets see small street agencies or companies around Ubud, Kuta orseminyak, most of the offered sharing tour to Mount Batur and will get cheap price. The rate between 40 to USD/person but your tour will share with someone else. Many case one car will pick up tree different hotels, some in Kuta, Seminyak and Ubud. The problem is if one of the late wake up for so that why all of you will to late see sunrise from the summit of Mount Batur, beside of that you’ll get 1 guide for 4 person, so in case one of you tired and can’t made the top that another problem if you take sharing tour but if yoy take private tour you will much comfortable because you will manage your time by your self and the guide only guided your self but tre price of course a bit high. It will be 55 to 65 USD/person. HERE we’re offered only 55 USD/Person for PRIVATE tour to Mount Batur.

D. Large Group and small group

The other reason make Mount Batur trekking price different is total of participants, if there is participates more than 10 persons it mean large group, the rate of course will be cheaper than rate only  2 person. Here we are offere good price for large group and for 2 person or small group only. Our rate for small group is 55USD/Person Minimal 2 person in one group.


Nusa Dua.       : 01:40 AM.       Sanur.           : 02:00 AM.
Kuta.                 : 01:40 AM.       Tulamben.   : 01:30 AM.
Seminyak.      : 01:40 AM.       Ubud.             : 02:30 AM.
At 1:40 to 2:30 am:  Pick up at your hotel, by comfortable and air conditioner for mount batur sunrise trekking tour.
At 03.30 am : Arrived at starting point at Toya Bungkah, introduction to trekking guide short briefing for trekking.
At 03.45 am   : Start our trek to the summit.
At 05.45 am : Enjoying wonderful view, your guide will be served some breakfast.
At 07.30 am   : Continue our descent to Toya Bungkah.
At 09.00 am  : Arrived at Toya Bungkah the end of our trek.
At 09.45 am   : Stop off at Balinese Coffee plantation.
At 01.00 pm   : Arrived at your lobby hotel.

Jacket, Camera, Sun block, trekking shoes
Spare T shirt, Hat and glove (if available).

Comfortable and air conditioned car pick-up and return, experienced trekking guide
Breakfast, fruits, mineral water, hot tea or Balinese black coffee on summit
Entrance fee to Kintamani Area, parking fee, toilet fee and dust mask.
Stick for Hiking and Flashlights.


Activities Level : Moderate
Trekking Duration : 4 hours ( up and down)
Temperature : 10 to 15 Degrees


If you want to booking via phone, kingly please speak personally with us
Bring only what you need for your trek, the rest leave it in your hotel.
Bring some cash for tipping the guide and driver is recommended.

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking rate 55USD/person minimal 2 person

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