Mount Agung Trekking

Mount Agung Trekking is the highest mountain on the island with an altitude of 3,142 meters above sea level and is one of the sacred mountain in Indonesia. Mount Agung Trekking or wellknown as Mount Agung Sunrise Trekking located in the District of Rendang, Karangasem regency – Bali. Hindu community in Bali island believe that the great mountain believed to be where the gods and the mountain gods are castles (The worship of the gods). therefore, very majestic mountain in the sacred and consecrated in Bali.

mount agung trekking

Mount Agung trekking trail.

Wonderful sunrise from the peak of Mount Agung where you never seen in other places. From this point you may see the active one volcano in Lombok Mount Rinjani outside of the Bali, Gilli’s Island and almost 60% of Bali. There are available two common climbing routes up the volcano, both are challenging and you need to be physically fit conditions.Here bellow choose between our regular package, straight from your hotel to orientation:

1. From Besakih Temple

Mount agung sunrise via besakih

Summit Mount Agung trek via Besakih temple before sunrise.

Hiking through  Besakih temple is a hiking trail that is commonly used for climbers to the highest peak of the mountain 3,145 meters above sea level. This is hiking challenging route is the challenging one, start near by the biggest temple in Bali called Besakih Temple and its as the mother temple of Bali. The best time depart is between 10:30 to 11:00 pm. If you want to be a challenger, Mount Agung trek via Besakih temple is good choice for you. This hike need to be physically fit and have trekking experience, your hike will accompany by experienced local guide. Lets explore the atmosphere of the spirituality ground and enjoying spectacular view of Bali. This trip will make your holiday be completely exciting in Bali island READ MORE…

2. From Pasar Agung Temple

Mount agung trekking via pasar agung

Sunrise from summit Mount Agung trek via Pasar Agung temple.

The shorts and the easy one hike to Mount Agung is via Pasar Agung temple. This routes is shorter of hike to summit Mount Agung because began hike from 1600 meters above the see level but you’ll reach summit until the rim of the crater, its bellow about 150 meter from the actual summit. Mount Agung trekking via Pasar Agung also a challenging trek but not as challenge via Besakih temple. The ascent will take approximately  3,5 to 4 hours to the rim crater. The descent will take approximate 3 hours but it will be more tough. The views offered still remarkable in all directions. READ MORE…