June 26, 2015

Batur Caldera Trekking Natural Hot Spring

Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring recommended trekking special for easy one hiking in Bali, Imagine in your mind, if you take Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring tour, you’re standing on top of the largest caldera in Bali, east side wide ocean and Rinjani volcano in Lombok island, west side Lake Batur and Batur volcano, south side mount Abang and Agung volcano, you are stand on true paradise place in Bali. Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring describe as trek with a god, Natural Hot Spring completed your trip in this combination trekking. On September 2012 Batur Global Geopark was declared by UNESCO for its cultural significance and natural scenery.

batur caldera sunrise trekking natural hot spring

Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring star from 05.00 am to reach the summit, it’s take about 45 minute from the temple of Ulundanu Batur, when you reach summit, your eyes will spoiled by magnificent scenery of Lombok strait, Rinjani mountain, and then continue to Ulundanu temple of to Pulak (boaat harbor) then passing calm lake batur to Natural hot spring by Boat, the place where you can relaxing muscle and having lunch bye the lake.

natural hot spring kintamani

Reward of Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring: Amazing scenery with double views, west side Lake Batur and his volcano, east side the ocean, Rinjani volcano, Gili Trawangan, Gili Trawangan, and Gili Air in Lombok Island, north beauty of village, and south side Agung volcano and Abang Mountain who standing together.

Extra trip Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring: On the way to hotel after Batur Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring we will visit Bali coffee plantation or know with popular name Bali agro-tourism place, here you can see several plantations.  Experiences make Balinese coffee in very traditional ways, taste fresh ginger tea or Balinese coffee Luwak (Civet coffee) the best and the expensive coffee in the word.


Nusa Dua      : 02:45 AM       Sanur: 03:00 AM
Kuta               : 02:45 AM       Tulamben: 02:50 AM
Legian           : 02:45 AM        Candidasa: 02:45 AM
Seminyak     : 02:45 AM        Lovina02:30 AM
Canggu         : 02:45 AM        Ubud: 03:20 AM


1). 02.45-03.20am:Pick up at your hotel, with comfortable and, air conditioner for Batur caldera trekking natural hot spring.
2). 04.50am:Arrived at starting point at Ulun Danu Temple, introduction to trekking guide, and short briefing about safety and procedure trekking.
3). 05.00am:Start our trek to sunrise point.
4). 05.45am:Arrivedat sunrise point.
5). 05.45-06.45am:Enjoying the wonderful views, having breakfast, fresh fruits, and Balinese black coffee or Hot tea.
6). 06.45am:Continuing trek to surrounding to the entire rim of the Batur caldera, with green forest, ocean, lake together in one on your vision.
7). 07.15am:Continue our descent to Ulundanu temple or Pulak.
8). 09.00am:Arrived at pulak, boat harbor and cross lake batur by Boat to Natural hot spring.
9). 09.30am:Arrived at Natural Hot Spring, take bath or swimming and having lunch by the lake.
10). 10.30:Leave Natural Hot Srpring and than visit Balinese coffee plantation.
11). 11.00am:Stop off at the Balinese Coffee plantation.
12). 11.45:Leaving Balinese Coffee plantation.13). 12.45-13.45:Arrived at your hotel.


1. Jacket, Camera, Sun block, trekking shoes, swimming suits.
2. Spare T shirt, Hat and glove (if available).


1.Comfortable and air conditioned car pick-up and return, experienced Batur trekking guide.

2. Breakfast, lunch snack, fruits, mineral water, hot tea or Balinese black coffee on summit.

3. Entrance fee to Kintamani Area, parking fee, toilet fee and dust mask.

4. Stick for Hiking and Flashlights.


1. Temperature : 10 – 18° Degrees on the summit
2. Trekking duration : Between 4 – 6 hours.
3. Distance : 5-6 km totally
4. Activity level : Easy


1.You will get, tropical fresh fruits (seasonal)  at the end of the trek
2. Chilled face towels, and cold drink at the end of the trek.


Activities Level : Moderate
Trekking Duration : 11 hours ( up and down)
Temperature : 8 to 15 Degrees


If you want to booking via phone, kingly please speak personally with us
Bring only what you need for your trek, the rest leave it in your hotel.
Bring some cash for tipping the guide and driver is recommended.


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