October 2, 2015

Trekking Equipment

If we hear about trekking of course the first splash on our mind is how to do it and what is the equipment need. How should i pack for the trek? Beside of that, what should i pack for multi-day trek? Why to much and why to little? After i get many emails asking about thous question, i decided to write this kind of answer, i hope it will help you to prepare your self before trek. Here we are Bali trekking tour company want to share a bit about trekking equipment you need before you do trek, the equipment such as:

1. It’s all about the layers

Here is true in all types of travel or trekkers, short and long-term but especially for trek in small mountain such as mountain in Bali, Mount batur trekking, mount Agung trekking. mount Abang trekking and Batur Caldera trekking. Usually the temperatures in thous mountain or volcano not as cold as in Europe, Bali is tropical Island so the temperature on the summit between 12 to 10 degrees except Mt. Agung trekking. Note,  always prefer to have an extra layer in your bag for anticipate cold weather ” Mostly id rainy season” . Even if in the way up during your trek warm but sometimes when you arrived on the summit while waiting sunrise you’ll feel cold but not as cold as in Europe.

2. Never skimp on sun protection

As you advance higher in elevation the beach area, the sun becomes more strong, so you need to prepare sun protection, it a bit different,  be sure to pack ample and strong sunscreen to protect your skin.. Carry a hat that will protect your face from the sun (think rollable foldable sun or jungle hat — we don’t need to look pretty while trekking). Trekking with sunburn — head, face or hands — is miserable. And if your sunburn is bad enough, you’ll almost feel flu-like. Not good for peak performance.

Also be sure to have sunglasses with quality lenses that protect your eyes. Otherwise, they too will become burned and sore.