Tips Traveling to Bali

Tips traveling to Bali

bali island

Traveling to Bali is a dream for every one in the world, the reason make people can’t do it because of budget, are you confuse about it? Well here i give you a tips traveling to Bali and how to make your dream come true!!! As we know to use small budget to travel to Bali is possible as well you know what will you do and how to minimize your budget.  Here is the tips traveling to Bali with minim budget.

Do not travel to Bali during peak season

It better you travel to Bali in low season, why? because when you travel to Bali in peak season everything will be expensive, not only flight ticket but accommodation and food will be much expensive. Please avoid during June, July, August and December. That is the busy one vacation to Bali and will spend a lot of budget. Kindly come to Bali on November, the end of January, February, March and April, all of thous months will much cheaper the other months. What you thing about this tips traveling to Bali?
kecak dance uluwatu temple

Kecak dance uluwatu temple

Found out for flights ticket during promotion
This is another ways how to save your budget during your vacation to Bali, before fly to Bali better you found out flights ticket promo it will be better and good price for you, i think 4 to 6 mount before departure is good way to found promotion ticket.
Found a hotel with low price
this is one think you should knows before you travel to Bali, it impossible travel to Bali with out stay in hotel or some cottage. The best ways is search on or other internet marketing who provide rate room of hotel. I thin you will be better if you direct booking to the hotel through Email or call them. The best rate of Hotel in Kuta area is around Popis street 1 and popis street 2. Beside of that, in Ubud is good price home stay. You can get it with 300k to 350k/ night.
Rent a motorbike for exploring Beauty of Bali
If you want explore all around Bali you can rent some motorbike in around Kuta, seminyak, Ubud and other tourist destination, there is a lot Balinese who rent they motorbike for traveler. The best motorbike is scooter or automatic motorbike. Usually the rate of one bike per 24 hours between 75k to 100k, it include helmet. Lately very easy to found some tourist destination, you can use your google maps to found everything what will you see in Bali.
Found a food in Local Warung
This is the best way for you if you have minimum budget for eat, you can eat in several area who provide food with cheap price, ussualy young people from Autralia who love surfing they eat in near by beach, there is many Balinese mom sold food with Local price, it normaly between 20k to 30 / portion include ice team during your lunch, dinner of breakfast.
Buy a gift in Art market
This is t he best way if you want buy some gift to your family, friends in your home, the best art market is Sukawati, there is you can found many kind or think you can buy with very cheap price, beside of that you can buy many kind of Balinese art made by bamboo or some wood. That is tips traveling to Bali  for tight budget, i am sure you’ll be fun with your holiday to Bali despite you have small budget.

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