Mount batur day trek

Mount Batur Day Trek

Mount Batur Day Trek is another chance for hikers to explore Mount Batur beside Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking or mount Batur sunrise trekking without wake up to early. Mount Batur Day Trek start in the morning around 8 am from starting point in Toyabungkah village and then direct climb up to the summit of mount Batur with altitude 1,717 meter Read more about Mount Batur Day Trek[…]

Mount batur trekking price bali

Mount Batur Trekking Price

There is thousand visitor looking for the right price of Mount Batur but they can’t find the actual rate of it. Her I from Bali Trekking Tout Net Management proudly to share the right Mount Batur Trekking Price that may be useful to all of you. Mount Batur Trekking Price is depend of the company or agencies, Read more about Mount Batur Trekking Price[…]