February 5, 2017

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking is the famous outdoors activity to catch sunrise from the summit of Batur volcano with altitude 1,717 meter above seal level. Mount Batur Sunrise trekking well-known as Mount Batur trekking and it’s described as most popular sunrise trek in Bali for many reasons. The sunrise trek not only explores the beauty of Batur volcano but you can get close to the second sacred mountain and experiences the hit of an active volcano in the Island. Beside of that, personally you can enjoy spectacular views of sunrise or sun up, it instant change the colors of the sky from dark to red, then yellow and finally blue. This is entire process of the sun crossing the horizon and it’s accompanying atmospheric effects.
Mount Batur Sunrise trekking

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking


The tour will began between 3:45 am to 4:00 am from the foot of Mount Batur with a short by our experiences team. Afterward, we will begin the tour up to the summit of Mount Batur in the pick dark with a flash light and hiking poles on the hand. Millions of stars and cold air as a blanket during on the way up, noises off insect will completed the darkness.
To concur the volcano takes approximate two hours by physically fitness hikers, once you reach at the highest point, you’ll be amazed by the views of landscape. Majestic peak of Mount Agung (the biggest mountain parallel with Mount Abang on the front of your eyes, wide of Lake Batur bellow of your foot will completed the landscape. Mount Rinani in the distant look like small hill in the middle of ocean, none words describe this situation.
Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

While stunning amazing views from the top of the mountain, we’ll serve light breakfast such as Banana sandwich, hard-boiled egg and refuel with some hot drinks that we provide. There will be plenty of time to take photos as much as you want with incredible scenery. You may also experiences how hit the volcanic kitchen where the Egg and Banana boiled for your breakfast.


The next trip is exploring the main crater, this is another challenges to stunning spectacular views on your mount Batur trekking tour. During explore the main crater you’ll come in to the amazing volcanic landscape and able to feed monkeys that playing on the volcanic rocks. Your journey will end at about 9 am and arrive at Toyabunglah where a driver will be waiting.
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Coffee Luwak Bali

Another amazing trip during on the way back after to your hotel after Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour is visit the places where local process his coffee with traditional ways. Here you can see several plantations and learn more about coffee or other prices.  You may experiences how to make Balinese coffee in very traditional ways and also taste each of them, you may also taste Coffee Luwak (Civet coffee) the best and the expensive coffee in the word.


  • Pick up at your hotel, by comfortable and air conditioner for Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour.
  • 03.30 am  : Arrived at starting point at Toya Bungkah will, Introduction to trekking guide.
  • 03.45 am  : Start our trek to the summit.
  • 05.45 am : Enjoying wonderful view and light breakfast.
  • 07.30 am  : Continue our descent to Toya Bungkah.
  • 09.00 am  : Arrived at Toya Bungkah the end of our trek.
  • 09.45 am  : Stop off at Balinese Coffee plantation.
  • 01.00 pm  : Arrived at your lobby hotel.


  • Jacket, Camera, Sun block, trekking shoes
  • Spare T shirt, Hat and glove (if available).


  • Comfortable and air conditioned car pick-up and return, experienced trekking guide
  • Breakfast, fruits, mineral water, hot tea or Balinese black coffee on summit
  • Entrance fee to Kintamani Area, parking fee, toilet fee and dust mask.
  • Stick for Hiking and Flashlights.


  • Activities Level : Moderate
  • Trekking Duration : 4 hours ( up and down)
  • Temperature : 10 to 15 Degrees


  • Nusa Dua.       : 01:40 AM.       Sanur.           : 02:00 AM.
  • Kuta.                 : 01:40 AM.       Tulamben.   : 01:30 AM.
  • Seminyak.      : 01:40 AM.       Ubud.             : 02:30 AM.


  • If you want to booking via phone, kingly please speak personally with us
  • Bring only what you need for your trek, the rest leave it in your hotel.
  • Bring some cash for tipping the guide and driver is recommended.

E. RATE 55 USD /pax minimal 2 paxs

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