Mount Batur Day Trek

Mount Batur Day Trek is another chance for hikers to explore Mount Batur beside Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking or mount Batur sunrise trekking without wake up to early. Mount Batur Day Trek start in the morning around 8 am from starting point in Toyabungkah village and then direct climb up to the summit of mount Batur with altitude 1,717 meter above sea level, this is the best choices if you are lazy wake up at 01.00 a.m in the morning only for see sunrise but still have a good change to enjoying panorama of Batur volcano.

Mount batur day trek

Mount batur day trek view in the crater

Mount Batur Day Trek

Mount Batur Day Trek we crated because a lot client asking for day trek up to mount Batur, and this is good opportunity for everyone who want to climb mount batur without worries about darkness in the night. The best time for day trek start pick up around 06.00 a.m in Kuta or Seminyak area and 06.30 a.m in Ubud area then travel to the base camp of hike approximate 2 hours, so you’ll began your hike at about 08.00 a.m. Your Mount Batur Day Trek  will finished around 13.30 to 14.00 pm and will be back to your hotel approximate 16.30 pm. This tour takes about 9 to 10 hours in total.

Mount batur day trek

Mount batur day trek view look like during in the day

The view offers from the top of mount Batur same as sunrise trek but Mount Batur Day Trek have more opportunity to see views all around the mountain till outside of the caldera because the weather during in the day light mostly clear bus some time have rain during your hike. It’s depending the weather because weather around mount Batur very changing.

Mount batur day trek

Mount batur day trek during descent

Mount Batur Day Trek, mount batur trekking, mount batur day trip, mount batur day hike most recommended for family traveler because day trip up to mount Batur must easier manage each person because while your hike no need any flashlight during your hike, it big different the you hike in the night for sunrise, you must have good flashlight to light the path. The problem of Mount Batur Day Trek is hot from the sunlight but it not as hot as in beaches because will blow up your face every single second.


  • Pick up at your hotel, by comfortable and air conditioner for Mount Batur sunrise trekking tour.
  • 08.00 am  : Arrived at starting point at Toya Bungkah will, Introduction to trekking guide.
  • 08.00 am  : Start you trek up to the summit of mount batur with private guide.
  • 10.00 am : Arrive on the summit, enjoying wonderful view and light lunch.
  • 11.00 am  : Continue your trip surrounding the main carter, then go down.
  • 13.30 pm  : Arrived at Toya Bungkah the end of our trek.
  • 16.30 pm  : Arrive back to your hotel


  • Jacket, Camera, Sun block, trekking shoes
  • Spare T shirt, Hat and extra water or food.


  • Comfortable and air conditioned car pick-up and return to your hotel all round Bali, experienced trekking guide
  • Banana sandwich, fruits, mineral water, hot tea or Balinese black coffee on summit, chocolate and biscuits.
  • Entrance fee to Kintamani Area, parking fee, toilet fee and dust mask.
  • Stick for Hiking and raincoat in case rain.


  • Activities Level : Moderate
  • Trekking Duration : 4 hours ( up and down)
  • Temperature : 18Degrees


  • Nusa Dua.       : 06:00 AM.       Sanur.           : 06:15 AM.
  • Kuta.                 : 06:00 AM.       Tulamben.   : 06:00 AM.
  • Seminyak.      : 06:00 AM.       Ubud.             : 06:30 AM.


  • If you want to booking via phone, kingly please speak personally with us
  • Bring only what you need for your trek, the rest leave it in your hotel.
  • Bring some cash for tipping the guide and driver is recommended.

RATE 55 USD /pax

Nb: One group minimal 2 participants

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