November 3, 2015

Bali Island

Bali Island

One of the famous Island in Indonesia archipelago is Bali Island, Bali is small Island with own unique culture and beauty of the nature. Bali Island become exclusive then others Island in Indonesia because of panorama and the unique culture. It is located in the tropical territorial become one of the dreaming destination for a vacation.  As you know, Bali Island has many kinds of place to visit, not only the beauty of beaches and wave but there is still many kind of nature of culture such as: Volcanoes, mountain, sunrise, sunset, paddies, hotels, temples, dances, ceremony’s, Bali activities such as Mount Batur trekking, Mount Agung trekking, Batur caldera trekking, Mount Abang trekking, Rafting, cycling, ATV ride, water sport and many more.

bali island

Beside of those, Bali also has friendly people, unique culture on actual live, daily community ritual, and still a lot of think will you find in Bali to make your holiday become memorable.  As one of the unique religion in Indonesia, Bali has spirits who coming out to play in the moonlight and in full moon and also every night is a festival.

Bali, the famed Island of the God “ Pulau Dewata” Why? Because in bali there is exis thousandd of temple, by its unique of cultural make Bali perfect as destination for your holiday. Here Bali Trekking Tour is the ways to explore the paradise with your friends, collages or with your family.

Bali island Bratan

The economically and culturally of Bali, As most people know, Bali Island is one of the most important Island in archipelago of Indonesia. Bali is the brand mark of Indonesia, it is the center of rice grown on irrigated, rice terrace hill, crops, sugar cane, Tabasco, coffee plantation, copra, fruits and kinds of vegetable. Beside of thous plantation, here raised cattle and hogs. Balinese has skill on Artisans particularly as painting, stone carving, woodcarving, bamboo carving, silver and other metals. Balinese noted as traditional dances, that is Kecak dance “ History of Ramayana”, Barong dance “ The devil vs goodness” and many more famous dance you can found in Bali.

Bali Island nowadays is one of 34 provinces of Republic Indonesia and the rich one province. Divided of administration, Bali has nine regency’s, there are Badung, Bangli, Buleleng, Gianyar, Jembrana, Karangasem, Klungkung, Jembrana, tabanan and municipality of Denpasar.