5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera

5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera

As volcanology declare, Batur Caldera complex has been described by National Geopark and Reinout Willem van Bemmelen it is a Dutch Geologist on 1979. It’s as one of the finest calderas in the world. Nowadays Batur Caldera complex become beautiful one views in Bali. Here are 5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera along the caldera’s rim you must visit.

1. From Bubung Gede ( Sunrise spot of Batur Caldera Trekking)

6 best spot Mount Batur trekking you must capture

This is Bubung Gede spot or well know called Batur caldera, amazing sunrise you can see from here. This is one of 5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera

Bubung Gede well know famous by its beauty of double views offered to every visitors, it is the peak of Batur caldera trekking/Batur caldera sunrise trekking. To reach this point you may need 45 minute hike, started early morning @ 04:45am is recommended because the best views is before sunrise and 10 to 30 minute after sunrise. If you want to visit this spot you may contact us at balitrekkingtour.net we will arranging your journey to catch up all of thous. This is the first 5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera you must visit during your vacation in Bali, we guaranteed you’ll not egret to come here because the views offered absolutely wroth the money.

5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera

Views from Bubung Gede or well knows Batur caldera. Wide lake Batur and Mount Abang look very beautiful.This is 5 best spot enjoying Batur Caldera

Double views will made your vacation true memorable and willing to back again. In east side there is wide of Lombok strait with it Gilli’s Island and the active volcano in the Island, Rinjani mountain. In west side, huge batur caldera and its active volcanoin Bali (Mount Batur) as background, on the button the biggest Lake in Bali you can capture its Lake Batur, wide of lake is 7 km to 3 km and deep of lake is 70 meters. In north side rim of caldera and lovina beach will you saw from there and in south side mount abang and the biggest mountain in Bali (Mount Agung) back ground of  your capture.

2. From Mount Batur volcano ( The best point sunrise point in Bali and enjoying huge Batur Calder)

5 best spot enjoying Mount Batur trekking

Amazing views from the top of Mount Batur before sunrise, on the front are Mount Abang and Mount Agung, on the button are wide cloud and Lake Batur.

If you heard about mount Batur I think you mind wondering to catch sunrise right? Yes I do that true! Mount Batur is one of the best and the famous volcano in Bali especially for it volcano trek, there is over 200 people take tour Mount Batur trekking/mount Batur Sunrise trekking every day. Most of hikers started early morning @ 03:45 am, then hike up till the summit approximately 2 hours but some hikers done bellow then 2 hours. class of hike is easy to moderate, it very well for exercise and also for non experienced hiker.

Mount Batur trekking via Pura Jati

Mount Batur sunrise trekking via Pura Jati ( Jati temple), fro the rim of main crater, bellow around 200 m from the highest point. @copyright Roxane Therrien.

The views offered from the peak of 1717 m above sea lever is remarkable, sunrise over Rinjani mountain in the distance, Mount Abang and Mount Agung as background absolutely amazing. The active volcano made your trek wroth the effort, there you may cook the egg and banana in the hole of volcanic hit. We called volcanic kitchen, why? Because just poot in your egg of Banana wait 10 minutes it ready to make banana sandwich or egg sandwich. There is 3 spot you must visit on mount batur.

Mount Batur sunrise trekking, 5 spot to capture huge Batur caldera

Mount Batur sunrise trekking, this places one of 5 spot to capture huge Batur caldera

  1. Fist point in the right side, it the best one palaces to capture morning views.
  2. Second point is in the north side, there good enough to capture sunrise and also you may experiences natural volcanic kitchen, feel the hit of active volcano.
  3. Third point is in west part of the mountain, to reach this part is a bot challenging but when you made it you will stunning true paradise of Bali.
  4. Northwest is the spot for romantic picture, you may make romantic picture with your boy or girl.

3. From Penelokan ( The best spot to capture Batur caldera near by volcanology)

Penelokan views

Amazing views from Penelokan, this is one of 7 spot enjoying Batur caldera

Penelokan is best spot to capture mount Batur, lake Batur and Batur Caldera together, it located on the south rim of Batur caldera and nearby office of Batur volcanology. Penelokan is the main attraction for tourist where provide spectacular views of huge Caldera Batur, Lake Batur on the button and the active volcano in Bali Mount Batur, both set in vast volcanic crater (Caldera). Recommended bring your tripod for your phone or if you’re professional photographer LSR camera is highly recommended.

Penelokan kintamani

Penelokan kintamani

The remarkable view is the main reason to come and capture some photos from this spot. The caldera surrounding by captivating nature of Batur Volcano, there you will find plenty of reasons to linger in the rim of huge caldera itself.

4. From Kintamani ( West par of caldera)

sunrise from west of Batur caldera kintamani

Sunrise from west of Batur caldera kintamani

Kintamani is a village on the western edge of the larger Batur caldera wall,  it is on the same north south road as Penelokan and has been used as a stopping place to view the Batur Caldera region. Kintamani is beautifully seen at the morning after sunrise around 07;00 am to 15:oo pm. That depends of the weather, if fine weather where entire Kintamani area will be able to be wonderful panorama of Mount Batur, halp of lake Batur, Mount Abang and Mount Agung behind of mount Abang.

Most of visitors visiting Kintamani during in the day light, it especially for lunch is some local restaurant while stunning views.  All of restaurant in Kintamani area own beautiful views where visitors merging into their restaurant for lunch. We recommended to take this tour during your vacation in Bali but noted: There is a lot of tradesman wants to sell their thinks.

5. From Pinggan ( The rim caldera on the north part of Caldera)

Self pic in Pinggan village

Self pic from Pinggan village

Pingan is hidden paradise of Kitamani, from this spot you may take several picture but only views people know this area, mostly local people captured from this area. Pinggan located in north path of Batur caldera. the views offered is north side of mount batur, half of mount Abang and mount Agung, local farm and many think beside of that.

Pinggang village one of 7 amzing views of pinggan spot

Pinggang village one of 7 amazing views to capture Caldera Batur

6. From Bubung Suter ( The starting point of Mount Abang Jungke Trekking)

Amazing views of bubung suter

Amazing views of bubung suter

Bubung Suter or Suter well know as one of best tourist spot, it’s located on the south side of the Batur caldera rim, precisely in the right side of the main road toBesakih temple (The mother temple of Bali). Precisely above Buahan and Kedisan village Kintamani. From this spot you may capture beautiful views of lake and Batur volcano.

Penelokan kintamani

Penelokan kintamani

To reach this places very easy, you can ride motorbike of car to this spot then walk about 10 minute find the best one to capture your photos. Don’t miss this place during your holiday in Bali, come there and ptove what I

7. From Penulisan ( This is best part in form west of part of caldera)

From penulisan spot

From penulisan spot

Penulisan spot point to capture Batur caldera, from this place you may capture west part of Batur volcano, behind of Batur volcano there is mount abang and mount agung. There also can see few of Lake Batur. Penulisan located in Kitamani district and is situated at 1745 meters above sea level, it can reach by car about 10 minute from Kintamni.