4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended

4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended – Bali is the Island in Indonesian archipelago has many thing to do, one of the famous outdoor activities is Trekking and tour. Here we have 4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended you have to do while travel to Bali:

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking.

Every people knows that the best sunrise in Bali is in Kintamani, precisely sunrise from the peak of mount Batur. Mount Batur sunrise trekking is one of the famous outdoor activities that people seeking this time for capture sunrise over an active volcano 1,717 meter above sea level. Why Mount Batur at one of 4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended? Because the views offered from the peak of Mount Batur truly amazing. If you choose Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking tour you can stunning Sunrise at 6:30am, having breakfast such as Bananas sandwich, hard boiled egg in the active of volcano ” Hot Steam” and enjoying hot drink while waiting Sunrise. Beside of that, you may capture entire views of Batur caldera, min crater, experiences the hit of hot steam and feeding monkeys on the rim of main crater.

4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended

Mount Batur Sunrise trekking picture.

Mount Batur sunrise trekking is moderate hiking level in Bali, the hike just 2 hours from starting point in Toya bungkah or Pura Jati. Your hike will start form 1,031 meters above sea level, it mean you hike only 686 meter until the summit. If you are hike to Mt. Batur we recommended hike via Toya Bungkah because you will direct to the highest point, to the best sunrise point on Mt. Batur. Despite the hike a bit difficult but the views offered truly remarkable.

Batur Caldera Sunrise Trekking

The second outdoor activities is Batur Caldera Sunrise trekking, this one is the easiest trekking in Bali. You need only 45 minute to reach the summit ” Sunrise point”. The view offered is amazing, you may see wide Lombok strait include Gili’s Island, Rinjani mountain and the biggest mountain in Bali Mount Agung. On the west side wide Lake Batur and its Batur volcano make the views truly amazing. Lately ,any people capture sunrise from peak of Batur Caldera.

4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended batur caldera trekking

Batur caldera Sunrise trekking picture.

The best time to hike Batur Caldera at 5 am and the best time began fro ubud area around 3 am. You’ll travel to the base of Batur caldera about 2 hours then you’ll start hike at 5 am. The hike quite easy, grandmother or grandfather able to do this trip. Beside of the view offered you may experiences crossing calm Lake by boat but during on the boat you may visit fish farm and you can feed the fish farm around Lake Batur.

Mount Abang Trekking

Mount Abang is one of the mountain in Kintamani offering jungle trekking, this is the best jungle trekking in Bali that you can explore during your vacation in our Island. Mount Abang trekking offering double views of amazing landscape. In the bottom the biggest Lake in Bali with calm water, on the west side Mount Batur look bellow of your feet and wide Batur caldera look like giant crater. On the east part, the biggest mountain in Bali Mount Agung look close by your place and in the distance the sun rises behind of Rinjani mountain in Lombok Island. This is awesome views that you can see form Mount Abang summit.

4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended mount abang trekking

Mount Abang jungle trekking.

Beside of that, experiences dense of tropical is the great one. Walking in the night under big trees made your mind together with nature. This jungle trekking start at 3:30 am from Suter village, walk through dense of tropical forest. passing several of temple during on the way up and stunning amazing views and sunrise from the summit 2. 252 meter above sea levels. Lets do it and explore the best jungle trekking in Bali.

Mount Abang jungle trekking

Mount Abang jungle trekking

Mount Agung Trekking.

Mount Agung Trekking – Gunung Agung is the highest mountain in with altitude of 3.142 meters above sea level and is one of the sacred mountain in the Island of Bali. Located in Rendang, Karangasem regency made Mount Agung accessible. Balinese community believe that the mount Agung the home of gods. (The worship of the gods). therefore, very majestic mountain in the sacred and consecrated in Bali.

Mount agung trekking via pasar agung

Sunrise from summit Mount Agung trek via Pasar Agung temple.

Mount Agung is the famous one volcano in Bali for challenging adventure. There is available 2 routes to hike Mount Agung. One via Besakih Temple and the other one via Pasar Agung Temple. The most challenging is via Besakih temple but it trekkers will reach the high point in Bali. 3.142 meter above sea level. The second trail is via Pasar Agung temple, it less challenging but take only 3,5 to 4 hours until the summit. It not until the actual summit, only reach the rim of the crater. precisely 150 meter bellow the actual summit. the views from here still amazing.

mount agung trekking

Mount Agung trekking trail.

That are 4 Bali Trekking Tour Recommended if you visit Bali.